Why Use Students Hub?

- Fast, secure online ordering provides all students with convenience and peace of mind

- 24/7 availability

- Intuitive ordering interface with responsive design that works across all devices

- Instant message alerts

- Online order tracking

- Ability to Sell and Buy New or Used Books and Get Paid instanly in the Hub.

- Problem notification via email

- Ability to add additional documents if requested by your institutions

- Paperless consent, Sign Record transfer Authorization online

- Save and Share Personal Transcript Copies

- Free to use

- Built-in AMCAS, LSAC and Liaison CAS functionality offering immediate electronic delivery for applicants to medical school, law school or a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs

- Students Hub comes with easy-to-use UI and comes with a wide range of third party integrations, so implementing the platform in institutions and personal needs for education should be smooth process.

- 100% Free to use, payment transaction fees are added to Institution's processing fees and mail delivery costs.

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