e-Records Management

Institution Hub provides acceptable methods of transferring electronic materials from the University archive to other institutions or students, including both electronic, and storage device delivery.

With e-records management option, institutions are able to respond to students demand for e-record transfers.

There is variety of record formats that our site is available for. Some of them are listed bellow.

Acceptable Electronic Record Formats:

-Scanned Images: Formats PNG, GIF, PDF.

-Digital Photographic Records: Formats TIFF, JFIF, JPEG.

-Text Records: Formats DOC, DOCX, ODF, TXT.

-Web Records: Formats HTML, TIFF, PDF.

-Data files and Databases: Formats XLS, XSLS, ODX, DB, MDF.

-Presentation Materials: Formats PPT, ODP.

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