Why Use Institutions Hub?

- Ability to offer Next Generation Transcript Experience ordering, up to 80% faster than existing ordering solutions.

- Ability to offer Next Generation Record Verification Experience, up to 90% faster than existing verification process.

- 24/7 online ordering with fee collection and Local Bank Payouts

- Order tracking/status pushed to students

- Ability to Sell and Buy New or Used Books and Get Paid instanly in the Hub.

- One-click issue resolution communications within the dasboard.

- 24/7 Real-time reporting (where are transcripts going, why were they ordered, etc.)

- Streamlined processing (as little as 45 minutes)

- Complete, accurate information on transfer or verification requests. No more missing information! No more delay in delivery

- Students informed up front about processing times.

- Greater convenience and security for your students

- Transcripts Hub do not store any data, Transcripts Hub delivers record request and payment online as directed by each institutions in their admin dashboard, so we do not control your cost of service to your students and we deliver your processing progress with a powerful notification system. And most important, it is totally free to use for all Schools, Colleges, Universities and othe Professional Certifying Institutions around the globe!.

- Processing after grades posted and/or degree is awarded.

- Delivery: mail, FedEx, or pick up.

- Electronic delivery (optional).

- Allow additional documents to be sent with the transcript (LSAC, AMCAS or Liaison CAS admissions form.

- School Staff role - based access sign-on available for all Schools for efficient Colaboration and Team work.

- No FERPA consent forms¹

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